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How To Determine Your Skin Undertone: 3 Easy Tips

Have you ever wondered what your skin undertone actually is? There are so many times that knowing this information comes in handy, yet many of us are blind to the answer! That’s why today we’re reviewing 3 easy ways to determine your skin undertone once and for all. Read on and get ready to be a skin expert by the end!

Why does skin undertone matter?

There are many reasons why knowing undertones of your skin comes in handy. For example: knowing if you look better in silver or gold; If you can rock platinum blonde hair or trend more towards jet black; If sage green is your color, or an exuberant orange suits you more.

The answers to these questions are vital to making sure your skin looks as good and as captivating as it can be!

Because yes, aside from doing a simple skincare ritual daily, the clothing and accessories you choose to adorn yourself with do affect how your skin appears.

What are the types of skin tones?

Just as there are multiple types of complexions (dry, oily, combination or sensitive), skin tones also vary (from cool to warm undertones).

Here are some of the most prominent undertones and what they mean:

Olive skin tone (warm undertone): warm includes golden, yellow, or peachy undertones.

Fair skin tone (cool undertone): cool includes pink, red, or blueish undertones.

Neutral skin tone: you're neutral if you're a mixture of warm and cool.

Now, for the 3 tips to determine your undertone:

The T-Shirt Test:

Who doesn’t love to throw on a t-shirt and get comfy? We sure love it! That’s why this test is easy peasy and can give you the answer as you get ready for the day ahead. Win win!

You’ll want to grab a pure white t-shirt and find the room in your space that has the most natural lighting.

Get yourself in front of a mirror and assess how your skin looks. If your face is more yellow, your undertone is warm. If you have a more rosy complexion, you’re def more cool-toned or fair.

Try On Jewelry:

We weren’t kidding when we said skin tone plays a massive role in your accessorizing! The best way to truly identify your skin tone is throwing on varied tones of jewelry. This will help you weed out what’s right and what’s wrong for your individual complexion.

Try on gold, then try on silver. You’ll find that if you have a more warm undertone, gold complements your skin nicely. It will flow and not bring out blemishes or seem to be in stark contrast with your veining. On the other hand, if you try on silver jewelry, and it’s a hit, then you’re likely a fair skin or cool undertone person.

The Vein Check:

Probably the closest thing to science on this list ;) But this one doesn’t require any flasks or test tubes, just a quick peep under good lighting. If your veins are blue, you have cool undertones. If your veins are green, you have olive skin or warm undertones. Got a mix? You’re a beautiful neutral skin tone and can get away with most things.

Now that you have the quick tips to ensure you look fabulous in clothing and jewelry, head over to our website and find the right product for your skin care routine today! Have questions? Shoot us an email, we’re happy to chat with you!


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