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Skincare For Different Seasons

Just as you change clothing choices with the seasons, you should change your skincare rituals to ensure your skin is properly outfitted, too. After all, seasonal fluctuations in temperature, sun exposure levels, and other environmental stressors all have an effect on your skin. It’s best to minimize these seasonal issues with some sound preparation.


Summers take a toll on the skin every year. The heat. The pollution. The humidity. It’s enough to create a perfect storm in the skincare arena. Think: clogged pores from sweat leading to breakouts.

To prevent these annoyances and keep your skin glowing all season long, try to go au naturale since makeup can only add to the already messy equation (but be sure to add sunscreen to your routine (though, it should be there year-round!). This will lessen any sun damage which can cause dark spots or peel).

Also, make water your BFF. A minimum of 8 glasses of water is your best bet. To ensure you meet that mark, carry a reusable water bottle with you, and remember to drink at least once every 30 minutes (set a timer to help!)


Fall can be chaotic for the skin. Some days are reminiscent of the summer, other days are reminders of the winter to come. Our diets also tend to shift. Many of us go from being mindful in the summer, to indulging in comfort foods when the temperatures drop. That said, it’s ultra-important to make sure you’re eating nourishing foods that can promote a clear complexion (swap out sugary sweets in October for fruits!).

It’s also essential to switch from face lotion to face cream. Your skin will need a heavier moisturizer when the air dries, and the moisture that was so plentiful a few weeks back is now gone. Face creams enhance hydration by forming a thicker barrier.


It takes more than hats, gloves, and jackets to protect the skin when the cold weather strikes! Between the colder temperatures and blustery wind, your skin endures a loss of moisture which can lead to cracking, chapping, and irritation. It’s important to restore and renew the loss of moisture in the skin with a beneficial serum or face oil (you know, like our 03 Midnight In Corsica Face Oil!)

Also important to note that while the solution may seem to be hopping in a hot shower (everyone likes a lengthy hot shower in winter), the hot water can deplete the skin's natural oils, causing skin to dry further. Yikes!

The best thing to do in this season for your skin is to use lukewarm water and hop in for a shorter time instead. To help seal in moisture post-shower, try using a moisturizer to help protect you from the elements (like our 08 Buriti Body Oil).


Once the rain starts to fall and flowers start to bloom, we need to adjust our skincare routine yet again.

There is no better time to begin preparing our skin for the approaching summer weather than now. The best skincare project to complement the fresh start ahead? Exfoliation. After the winter months, and temperamental rains, you may have a build-up of dead cells on your skin. It’s important that you cleanse your face and body once a week to remove any dirt, oil, and dead cells.

Sugar and coffee scrubs, for example, may nourish your skin while also clearing blocked pores, leaving you with a fresh, bright complexion. Alternatively, you can consider our 05 Marine Algae Repairing Mask which is an all-natural detoxifying mask to cleanse the pores.

With that said, no matter what season it is choosing skin health is a daily practice. Remember that a good skincare ritual is essential for everyone, from teens to adults. While the seasons come and go, it’s best to make good skin care a habit, so that small swaps don’t seem like such big to-dos.

Need help kickstarting your skincare ritual?

Chat with our team ( and let us help you create a simple, easy one today!


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