6 Easy Daily Habits To Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet

Every year we make resolutions -- be healthier, find a hobby, try yoga, travel more. Yet, for many of us these resolutions fall short of becoming routines. In fact, research has shown that 80% of people fail to follow through on their resolutions. Eighty percent! That’s why instead of giving you a list of resolutions to do, or going on about ways to get your resolutions to work, we want to offer you 6 daily habits you can choose from that are guaranteed to make 2020 your best year yet (especially since sticking to at least one won’t be super hard -- they’re easy!).

Want to give it a go? Read on and see which fits your fancy.

Wake Up 15 Minutes Earlier To Meditate

We decided that we’d jump right in with the (in our opinion) most powerful habit on today’s list: meditation.

Meditating is an extremely powerful way to refresh your mind and recenter your thinking (and in today’s fast-moving, always-connected world that’s not so bad right?).

If you’re someone who has tried to meditate in the past but failed (or heard about it, yet never attempted it) make 2020 your year to change that up.

It doesn’t take an awful lot to sit in silence and let yourself be at peace. And even if it is hard, the benefits are worth it. Meditation has been shown not only to reduce anxiety, but also to impact our default mode network. This network is responsible for all the wandering thoughts that we have day-to-day (a.k.a “the monkey brain”). With regular practice, meditation helps you feel which thoughts to focus on and which to just… let go. Sounds like a kind of salvation, no?

From mantra-based meditations like Transcendental Meditation, to mindfulness meditation in which you focus on a particular thought or feeling, to assorted meditation apps, there are various ways to go about developing a practice that works for you. But for now, if you are completely inexperienced, here is something you can do to push this valuable practice into gear:

  1. Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier than usual (or, if this sounds like a form of torture, just don’t press snooze and wake up on time).

  2. Do some stretches so you’re not tense when you sit.

  3. Find a comfortable spot and sit cross-legged, or in a comfortable chair with your feet on the floor.

  4. You can look online for a guided meditation, or put some soothing music on (or even, gasp, just sit there in silence).

  5. From here, meditate for 10 minutes. Then, go on with your day feeling more balanced.

If you find this works for you, we highly encourage you to look into taking a meditation course to further develop a practice. For many who have done it it can be one of the most rewarding things they ever do.

Practice Habit-Breaking Through Curiosity

We all have bad habits (the opposite of things you’ll find on this list). From binge-watching television, to eating one too many cookies on the daily these actions become our norm after awhile. So, if you’ve become accustomed to your own vice then this is a practice for 2020 that you’ll love. It’s breaking up with your not-so-great actions through curiosity.

It’s been studied that you can break a habit by simply getting curious about it. Since a habit is just a feedback loop that our brain has grown used to, becoming mindful and asking questions like “Why am I doing this?” or “Why am I craving this?” has been shown to help.

According to a neuroscientist, Jud Brewer, getting curious is all it takes to kick cravings (and more) to the curb. After questioning the action 10-15 times, you’ll see results.

Next time, before you grab that candy bar off the convenience store’s shelf at checkout, ask yourself “What can I eat instead?’ and see what happens.

Swap Out Artificial Sugar Cravings For Fruit

Are you seeing a similar pattern to items on this list? If you are, good. Most of the practices we’re breaking today have a similar theme -- daily weaknesses. My-oh-my are sweets one of them.

Consuming sugar gives us a rush of dopamine, signaling to the brain’s reward center that we’ve, well, been rewarded. That’s why when you’re feeling down you’ll grab some chocolate ice cream. You’ve hard-wired your brain to think it’s okay. That it’s your solution to the problem.

But, as we all know, sugar is not good for us. From heart disease, to diabetes, to depression, to obesity the list of impacts from consuming it goes on and on.

So next time you feel the need to cave into your sweet tooth, try one of these delicious alternatives:

  • Medjool Dates (pitted), cut open, and stuffed with peanut butter. It’s a punch of fiber and protein -- yay!

  • Strawberries and blueberries -- an antioxidant powerhouse that will kill your craving, guaranteed.

  • A banana cut up, topped with almond butter, and some granola. It’s filling and will give your body some much needed potassium.

Sugar is an excellent topic to get curious about (see the habit above) as there are tons of videos on YouTube that will blow your mind about how bad for you it is (if you choose to go down that rabbit hole).

Get Your Skin Ritual Down

Remember how we said that the meditation piece was the most powerful one on the list? Well this one is right up there with it! It’s super important one is getting your skincare ritual down.

Most women haven’t any idea about putting skin products on in the right order, let alone which products to use (we’ve been guilty ourselves). Yet it’s so important to use the right products in the right order to give your skin the TLC it deserves (‘future you’ will be forever grateful!).

To help you out, we’ve decided to put together a ritual with our products below to show you how easy it is to complete, and hopefully inspire you to kickstart your own (with or without our products!):