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Our Story

Unfortunately, Harmful Chemicals Are All Around Us These Days. But We Have A Choice To Put Them On Our Bodies... Or Not. Our Mission Is To Offer You A Safe & Effective, All-Organic Alternative To Conventional Skin Care Products That Are Loaded With Chemicals. Ours are clean & chemical-free. Because Clean... Is Beautiful.

Andreea Farcas first created her own organic skin care line when faced with the fact that safe, effective, truly chemical-free products are frustratingly hard to find. While studying neuroscience at The University Of Geneva, Andreea scoured top Swiss department stores in search of safe products to soothe and moisturize her constantly dry skin (it was a cold and windy Swiss winter and she was living in an overheated attic apartment). What she discovered, however, was disappointment. No matter how high-end the label, she found that nothing addressed her issues effectively, and, worse still, everything (everything!) was loaded with petroleum and

parabens, dyes and phthalates, alcohol and sulfates — things that went completely against the care part of ‘skin care’. She felt she had reached a dead end… until she remembered her roots.


Born and raised in Romania, Andreea grew up both in the laboratory of her biochemist mother and the glamorous world of her father, one of the nation’s most beloved musicians. As a little girl in her mother’s lab, she entertained herself for countless hours feeding microbes in petri dishes, learning what stifled their growth or made them thrive, and in so doing sparked a lifelong passion for science and medicine. 


In her father’s world of entertainment, Andreea was surrounded by the most stylish and beautiful women in Europe. It was her mother (herself one of the “it” girls of her day) who taught her the simple secret with which these beauties maintained their enviable clean and clear skin: oils. While the concept of using oils to clean and moisturize the skin was long considered anathema in the U.S., in Romania it is ancient knowledge, passed down for generations. Mixing organic carrier and essential oils in the lab, Andreea’s mother explained to her the properties of each and showed her how, when combined in the right proportions, they could be used to combat specific issues associated with aging or problem skin. Andreea also spent eight years as a surgical intern to one of the world’s top plastic surgeons, further augmenting her understanding of skin and aging.


Armed with knowledge from her past, Andreea searched the pharmacies of Switzerland, France, and Italy for the rarest and best carrier and essential oils to combine and combat her skin challenges. Later, having traded in the cold winds of Lake Geneva for the sun and salt air of Venice, California, she paired her personal philosophies of simplicity and good health to further perfect the products in her own skin care regimen. When the friends and family she shared them with clamored for more, Andreea joined forces with her husband, Cameron, to form 10 Degrees Cooler.


Today, their company adheres to the philosophies of creativity, charity, and, of course, great health that have made Venice, California one of the cooler places in the world. 10 Degrees Cooler, to be exact. 

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