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  • For smoother, brighter skin, try our rich 02 Cleansing Balm & Overnight Mask. This thick, luxurious balm is made with passion fruit and papaya oils which contain natural forms of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) that gently and effectively resurface and exfoliate the skin, leaving it smoother and brighter.


    Good for all skin types, this cleansing balm is especially great for dry skin and can be used as an overnight mask. During your skin’s night time reparative mode, allow the mask to nourish and moisturize, erasing fine lines while you sleep. 


    This wonderful cleansing balm balances and detoxifies, helping stop the overproduction of oil in oilier skin.  



    • Great cleanser for dry skin & can also be used as an overnight mask
    • Nourishes & moisturizes skin while helping erase fine lines
    • Balances & detoxifies -- also eases overproduction of oil in oilier skin
    • Also an excellent makeup remover!


    Key Ingredients

    • Maracuja (Passion Fruit) Oil - rare oil pressed from the seed of the passion fruit (not the more common, less potent flower oil) supremely hydrating emollient, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory
    • Papaya Oil - contains the enzyme papain which is an excellent natural exfollient -- due to antiinflammatory properties, you get the effects of a chemical peel without the irritation 
    • Buriti Oil - 'miracle ingredient' moisturizes, boosts collagen production, soothes skin irritations & protects against damage from sun & environmental pollutants


    Scent: Unisex (Notes Of Chocolate & Orange)

    Made with 100% certified organic ingredients.

    $60 — 1.7 Fl. Oz. (50ml)

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