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Our 08 Buriti Body Oil will relax and calm you, as it locks in moisture and feeds your skin the nutrients it craves.


The skin on your body, less exposed and thicker than the skin on your face, requires its own nourishment and care. To address this, 10 Degrees Cooler founder and chief scientist, Andreea Farcas, spent years meticulously curating and crafting a proprietary blend of certified organic, plant-based oils to create this luxurious product.


Known to the indigenous people of the Amazon as the ‘Tree of Life’, the oil from the fruit of the buriti tree is such a valuable skin care treatment Andreea made it the basis for this fabulous body oil. Buriti’s emollient and anti-inflammatory properties pair perfectly with vitamin and mineral-rich Kalahari melon seed oil. Arnica eases tension and soothes tired muscles. Sweet almond, apricot, and other nourishing oils blend harmoniously with the fresh, green floral aroma of petitgrain sur fleur.


    Key Ingredients

    • Buriti Oil: From the Amazonian "tree of life". Antioxidant. Rich in beta carotene, vitamins E & C.
    • Kalahari Melon Seed Oil: Strengthens cell walls. Helps maintain skin elasticity.
    • Arnica Oil: Heals by improving blood flow to bruised tissues, muscles and joints.
    • Petitgrain sur Fleur: Aromatherapeutic. Fresh, green-floral aroma.


    Made with 100% certified organic ingredients.

    $160 — 4 Fl. Oz. (120 ml)

    Never tested on animals.


    • How To Use This Body Oil


      For smooth, firm, radiantly-glowing skin use this body oil daily. Following your bath or shower, apply a small amount to damp skin, then, simply air dry or gently pat dry with a towel.


      You can also soften skin by adding oil to your bath, or use it to revive rough, dry knees, elbows, heels, and cuticles.

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