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We're Starting A Blog!

Since our launch we've been so moved and excited by the response to our products that we want to use all of the ways available to us to engage with you, our much-loved Apothecary 90291 community. A blog seemed the natural next step. It turns out we have a lot to say! We want to talk about health, and beauty, and fitness. We want to teach you about our amazing ingredients and why it's so important to you and the environment that they be certified organic. We want to share some of the incredible places we've been, and dream aloud about places we want to go. Meals we love. Artists we admire. Companies that inspire us. Life in Venice. But mostly we want to learn about you! We're hoping to create a dialogue about the things that move you and matter to you, skin issues you may have and how to address them, and even hear about types of products you'd like us to make. As our company grows, we're hoping to create a community where we can learn from each other and stay connected over our mutual desire to live a cleaner, healthier, more beautiful life.

We'll start today by introducing you to our photographer, Ozana Muresan. In addition to taking our product images (which we love) she is a fantastic fine art photographer. We love her eye -- the way she sees the extraordinary in the everyday -- the way she plays with mundane lines to create stunning images. Here are a couple of our favorites. Can you guess where they're from?

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