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This No Fail Skincare Ritual Will Make You Glow

When it comes to your skincare habits, do you feel like sometimes you’re not getting those glowing benefits you desire? You’re making sure that you have all the best products, that the ingredients are organic, and that the quality is certifiable, yet you’re still not loving the way your skin looks. Well… there’s a chance that you’re doing it wrong. Sorry if this news is like pouring your favorite product down the sink, but the truth is there’s a methodology that’s in place for best results, and most of us (we’ve been guilty, too) fail at implementing it. Actually, you may be surprised to learn that up to 87% of women are confused about the right way to conduct a skincare routine.

Never fear; all hope is not lost! The methodology is pretty simple to learn, and once you get it down you’re bound to love the results. We’ve made sure that all of our products follow a step-by-step protocol in their use, and have translated it over to a more universal application for you below.

Importance Of A Well Thought Out Practice

The first thing we should cover is the importance of having a ritual in the first place. For anyone thinking this consists of cleanser, then moisturizer once a day, we’re not targeting you in particular, but… well, ok… we’re sort of targeting you. Sorry! We promise it’s for your own good (since this is not the correct way of doing things).

The key to an effective skincare protocol is not just practicing it in the morning before you start your day, but also at night before you go to bed. Likewise, it isn’t beneficial to only do it at night and then stroll into the following day thinking things are just dandy because you did a scrub before bedtime. That’s right, twice a day is what you need. In fact, in one study, it was shown that carrying out a day and night routine warranted the best results for acne sufferers.

How To Implement The Protocol

While we’re sure you’ve got the basics down -- cleanse first, moisturize later -- it’s important to note that the order in which you apply products makes a world of difference. If you’re not applying your products correctly, it’s almost as detrimental as not following a practice twice a day. Why, you ask? They aren’t going to be absorbed into your skin properly.

Let’s do a quick rundown of what the correct daytime ritual should look like:


The first step to any healthy skincare prescription is to cleanse! It’s mighty important to make sure that you’re kickstarting your self-care ritual with a clean palette. After all, the only way for your products to do their thing and be absorbed fully is to make sure there are no barriers getting in their way! So, use the cleanser of your choice, and always use it first.


While this is a commonly overlooked step, exfoliation is one of the keys to ensuring a smooth, glow-worthy complexion. The reason is simple: every 30 days or so your skin sheds old layers to make way for the new, and while this is naturally helpful, sometimes not all is removed (which can lead to dry, flaky skin). So to help up and rid that problem an exfoliator, used once a week, keeps things maintained.


Like exfoliation, it seems that the use of toner is another step that is either practiced incorrectly or never applied at all. Toner is an important addition to any protocol since it helps to remove any leftover residue from your cleanser, or anything your cleanser may have left behind. This results in an ultra fresh palette for the last few steps of your ritual.

Serum Up

Arguably one of our favorites, the serum step comes near to last, but is the most impactful. Serums have myriad benefits from being full of antioxidants to having hydrating properties. They are seriously the cherry-on-top to any practice, since you can customize them to fit your personal needs.

We, as you can tell, love having one-stop-shop options. That’s why we made our 07 Reviving Eye Serum simple (yet highly effective) with organic ingredients like prickly pear to stimulate collagen growth, and amaranth oil to restore/renew capillary walls.


After you’ve applied your serums, next is the time to use your moisturizer! It’s important to note that in the winter months you’ll want to utilize a heavier moisturizer since cold air dries the skin; whereas, in the warmer months, you may wish to use a lighter one to avoid sweating that can lead to breakouts.


At last, we arrive at the final step, which is making sure that you’re protecting your skin against UVA and UVB rays. The way to do this is simply applying sunscreen to your face and neck to ensure you’re playing it safe before heading out into the wild world.

Now that you have a no-fail skincare plan for the day, it’s important to also know the in’s and out’s of a night time protocol.

While the order stays the same as above, the key addition to the mix is an overnight mask. This will allow you to replenish all moisture and wake up with a fresh, lively, radiantly restored complexion. Look for one with hydrating ingredients like maracuja oil which comes from the cold-pressed seeds of the passion fruit, and is a natural emollient that plumps the skin’s moisture levels up.

There you have it! The no-fail skincare ritual that will keep you glowing all year round. Hopefully we cleared the air so you can start making the most of your lovely products today!


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