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It's Time To Ditch Your Foaming Cleanser For This Skincare Product Instead

It’s time to rethink the way you’ve been cleansing (in a big way). If you’re used to the suds-and-showiness of your current cleanser, you’re about to be given a routine-changing, glow-instilling alternative that will forever shake things up. That alternative is (drumroll)... a cleansing balm! For those that aren’t sure what that is, what it does, or how to use it, allow us to peel back the layers of this product and teach you all about it in today’s post (there’s a pun in there, but you’ll have to read on to get it).

What Is A Cleansing Balm?

As you might imagine, like a hand balm, a cleansing balm is a thick, moisture-rich product usually found in small jars, unlike your typical bottles of foaming cleansers. They are fully loaded with natural oils and emollient-rich butters (think shea butter, cocoa butter, and such). These ingredients work like a charm to effortlessly clear out the dirt, oil and grime, your pores accumulate throughout the day. “How?” you may ask: the oil component of the balm latches onto the aforementioned impurities, lifting them up and out of the skin. (Pro Tip: this also applies to makeup and, as such, this product is an excellent makeup remover.)

While foaming cleansers can remove these things, in the process of doing so the surfactants (foaming agents (often chemical) inside the cleanser) negatively impact the skin’s natural moisture levels. This key difference is one of the major benefits of a cleansing balm, since it actually supports and balances your skin’s moisture levels. The balm melts on contact (like butter on toast, baby!), and gently penetrates the skin, allowing the oils to be absorbed into the epidermis. The result is a noticeable (and covetable) show-stopping radiance.

Thanks For The Info, What Now?

Well, if you’ve come to the conclusion that you absolutely have to try one of these balms, luckily for you, we have an all-natural option here at 10 Degrees Cooler. Our 02 Cleansing Balm -- Overnight Mask delivers powerful ingredients to your skin that instantly refreshes, rejuvenates, and sets up a clear palette for all your other product layering.

Made from organic oils and butters, our 02 Cleansing Balm -- Overnight Mask is a luxuriously aromatic treat. We’ve included some rare ingredients that won’t be found in mainstream options, so to let you in on exactly how good a cleansing balm can be, let us walk you through a few key ingredients in ours:

Maracuja Oil:

Maracuja Oil is native to the bursting-with-life South American rainforest and comes from the Maracuja Plant (naturally). While you may not recognize this name off-the-bat, another more common moniker for it is passion fruit. That’s right, the deep purple blooms that produce this amazing oil for your skin also, as it happens, produce the deliciously sweet/tart fruit you may have enjoyed on vacation.

The oil is made from cold-pressing the seeds of the fruit, resulting in a fatty-acid-rich liquid that your skin will adore. One of the main components produced is Linoleic Acid. This is known for its ability to keep skin hydrated, resulting in a smooth, flake-free complexion. Additionally, it’s helpful in keeping acne at bay (and we can all be passionate about that).

Moringa Oil:

The next ingredient in this fabulous cleansing balm is Moringa Oil. This oil is sourced from the moringa tree, which has commonly been labeled the “Miracle of Life”, thanks to its myriad benefits, and the fact that it can continue to thrive even in the most testing of environments.

Cold-pressed from the seeds of this miraculous arbor, the oil itself has a high amount of Vitamins A, and C. So, while the presence of Vitamin A helps to even out skin tone, the Vitamin C works to brighten it. Plus, the presence of plant stem cells, called cytokines, help to curb cellular damage reducing signs of aging. Overall, Moringa Oil is known to be deeply repairative and hydrating for all skin types.

Papaya Oil:

The final ingredient we’re going to highlight today (although we encourage you to check out the full ingredients list for all the other great ones) is Papaya Oil. Sounds scrumptious, no? As it should since this oil is basically food for you skin. Sourced from the seeds of papaya fruit, this cold-pressed liquid delivers some serious benefits.

Although it is packed with tons of skin-nourishing vitamins, minerals and fatty acids (which is great), the most dramatic element of papaya oil is papain, an enzyme which gently dissolves sebum and dead skin cells, making it an amazing natural exfoliant. Why go for a harsh chemical peel when you can get an enviable, balanced appearance from this amazing natural ingredient?

Okay, I’m Excited, How Do I Use It?

When it comes to using the cleansing balm, there are a few steps to take to get the best results. Let’s go through them now:

  1. Unlike regular cleanser, make sure that your hands and face are completely dry. Not a drop of moisture for this routine!

  2. Take a dime-sized amount in your palm and gently massage it all over your face for 1 to 2 minutes (avoid contact with eyes).

  3. After massaging, run comfortably-hot water over a soft wash cloth OR MUSLIN CLOTH (don’t burn yourself!).

  4. Wring cloth out and place over your face, pressing it into your skin.

  5. Once the cloth cools, run under hot water again and repeat step 4 1 or 2 more times.

  6. Using the cloth, gently remove the excess oil off of your face. Alternatively, our 02 Cleansing Balm -- Overnight Mask can be left on while you sleep for maximum hydration.

  7. If you decide to remove it, finish your ritual as you normally would, serum and all.

Now that you’re an expert on cleansing balm and why it is way better than your average, drugstore foaming cleanser, hop to it and try it out! Questions? Let us know!

Secret Pro Tip For The Guys:

Try shaving at night before bed and applying this product as an aftershave. No need to wash it off! Just leave it on through the night allowing it to repair and nourish your face after roughing it up with a razor.


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