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5 Common Causes Of Aging Skin

Don’t we all wish the fountain of youth was real and we could just dip our toes (and faces) in it from time-to-time, absorbing all its fabled benefits? Or is that just us? Seriously though, when it comes to the skin and aging, things that we never gave a moment’s thought to, with time, we start to consider... a lot. To help you navigate and reduce detrimental effects of some of these common thought-provokers, we’ve lined them up below and attack them one-by-one in today’s post.

First things first, if you’re wondering “What causes skin aging?”, we’d like to tell you: many, many things. These include factors at the molecular level (e.g. genetics) , all the way up to those involving the environment in which you live. While it’s hard to control some of these things, when armed with the right information you can definitely learn how to slow your skin’s aging.

Let’s dive into the heart of the matter, and get smart!


There’s something to be said about the whole “get 8 hours of sleep” thing that doctors push for. Sleep is a time when the body rejuvenates; it does everything from promoting digestion to accelerating cellular regeneration. So it should come as no surprise that chronic sleeplessness impacts the appearance of your skin, and can also increase the likelihood of early-onset aging.

Not getting enough zzz’s can affect the production of collagen, which helps keep skin looking plump and youthful. What’s more, studies have shown that sleeplessness can raise cortisol levels, and for anyone not in the know, this is the stress hormone. Increased stress can result in inflammation, leading to breakouts and other skin conditions.

Poor Diet

Guys, we’re sure this one comes as no surprise. A poor diet is sure to wreak havoc on your skin! For those of you that are self-proclaimed sugar addicts, this is especially true. Sugar consumption is a leading cause of early aging and acne. Sugar has what’s known as a ‘high glycemic load’, and leads to elevated levels of insulin. This, in turn, creates a domino effect within the body, leading to increased sebum production and decreased elasticity of the skin.

The conclusion here is to be mindful of your sugar intake, cap it at one sweet treat a day (or fewer), and make sure that it’s something naturally sweet like fruit. But even where fruit is concerned you will want to eat the whole fruit. Whereas fruit juice is loaded with just sugar, whole fruit delivers the poison (sugar) with the antidote (fiber). (But that’s a whole other blog post.)

Air Pollution

Most likely not one of the first things you think about when it comes to your skin and aging, but it should be. With carbon emissions on the rise (and a relaxing of standards that is expanding the list of skin-harming air pollutants), it is a growing concern.

Air pollution affects your skin due to the materials and substances floating around in it. In one Korean study, it was shown that people were suffering from high levels of eczema due to the presence of volatile organic compounds in the air. What’s more, it’s also been shown that compared to the suburban areas, people in cities experience more skin issues (one example: low hydration levels).

The Sun

That sun’s a real charmer, what with its lovely, warming glow and all. But don’t be fooled! The sun’s rays are powerful, and when they hit your skin all sorts of crazy things happen. For example, you can get dark spots (yikes!) or early signs of wrinkles due to dehydration. This is to say nothing of the dangers of skin cancer, as well. None of these things equates with “covetable” in our book. So, to make sure that you stay protected always be sure to throw on some sunscreen! You can also enjoy the sun protective properties of our 03 Midnight In Corsica Face Oil, too. Just layer it on under your favorite sunscreen of choice and reap the benefits.

Blue Light From Technology

The last on our list is the most overlooked, and a growing problem: blue light emissions. This light emits from the technology you use every day (think cell phones, laptops, televisions, etc.). The light interferes with your skin, causing oxidative stress, which leads to extrinsic aging. Simply put, this means that it can create all the things we work to avoid -- skin sagging, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity. The solution? Limit your screen time!

There you have it -- a lineup of different things that can cause aging, and the ways you can guard against them. Stay tuned for future posts on other hidden early-aging culprits. And if you’re looking for some natural remedies to slow down the aging process and maintain your glow daily, take a look at our product lineup here. We use only certified organic, plant-based and natural ingredients to give you the best complexion yet.


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