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3 Ways To Have The Ultimate Mindful Morning Routine

Whether you’re a morning person or prefer night owl ways, the key to starting any day off positively is with a morning routine. Today, our aim is to bring you one that combines wellness and mindfulness practices so you can kick the day’s butt in the hours that follow. Read on and learn how to guide the trajectory of each precious day.

When it comes to establishing any routine, the trick is consistency (that’s how it becomes, ya know… routine). Our advice is that after reading the items below, you start off slowly. Find one thing that you’d like to master, then move on to the next. In so-doing you won’t overwhelm yourself with too many changes at once. You’ll build on incremental successes and keep yourself from calling the morning routine quits way too soon!

Drink A Cup of Soothing Lemon Water

How many of you reach for the coffee pot every morning after waking, as if on autopilot? If that’s you, worry not… we’ve definitely been there. Don’t, however, let this robotic reaction to a new day discourage you, let it empower you -- If you were able to ingrain the coffee habit you can easily replace it with another habit.

Enter: Soothing Lemon Water. This is a simple morning drink that helps to kick-start your digestive system and hydrate you (and your skin!). Included in this healthy alternative is turmeric, which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties as well as its natural ability to support your immune system.

Here’s how to make it:

  • Fill a glass with 8 oz. of warm water

  • Squeeze 2-3 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice into the glass

  • Add in 1 tsp of Turmeric

  • Stir together

While we’re not saying you have to quit coffee altogether, we are saying you should try to enjoy a cup of this lemon water before diving into that Cup ‘O Joe.

Take Time To Turn Inward

If there’s one thing that we need to ensure a mindful and productive day, it’s a nice meditation session. If you haven’t started one yourself, let this year be the one you do!

There are myriad benefits tied to daily meditation. Here are some science-backed facts showing how it can change your life for the better:

  • Meditation has been shown to ease the stress response in the body, calming inflammation.

  • In a study of 1,300 adults, it was found that daily meditation decreased anxiety.

  • Meditation is known to improve feelings of self-love and the ability to connect better with others.

  • Over time, meditation can help to improve your ability to focus on one task at a time (which is a major benefit for those working from home!)

  • Daily practice teaches you to stay present, which alleviates the risk of getting lost in your thoughts.

Now that you know the benefits, let us provide a quick meditation you can try out tomorrow morning!

Restore + Recenter Meditation:

  • First, find a comfortable position either on a chair, couch, or floor

  • Next, find some calming music on YoutTube and put headphones in for an immersive experience (Here’s a 10-minute one for starters.)

  • After this, it’s time to turn inward, so close your eyes and steady your breath.

  • Pay attention to any tension you have in your body and release it.

  • Start to breathe in on a count of 4, hold for 7, and exhale for a count of 8.

  • Visualize the way you want your day to unfold.

  • Feel how you want to feel in the moments you’re visualizing.

  • Once the music ends, slowly start to wiggle your fingers and toes

  • Pay attention to the sounds around you and when you’re ready, open your eyes.

Indulge In Some Self-Care

We’d be lying if we said this next way of unwinding wasn’t our favorite; indulge in a skincare ritual.

Having a moment for yourself and to connect with the way you feel externally is a great way to start the day ahead.

While it’s easy to look in the mirror and curse a new blemish or old acne scar, the goal is to create a loving ritual that embraces anything you see as a flaw. (Even though it doesn’t feel like it when this happens, you’re gorgeous always.)

For us, a routine looks like this:

  1. Look in the mirror and say a string of self-love affirmations: “I am beautiful”, “I am loved”, “I am a powerful force of positivity and light”...etc.

  2. Then, begin your skin ritual with a gentle cleanser.

  3. Wash your face thoroughly.

  4. Follow up with a face mask (2x weekly) that will help to enhance your complexion and feed your skin yummy nutrients (For example, the 05 Marine Algae Repairing Mask)

  5. Finally, top it off with a winter-approved face oil like 03 Midnight In Corsica Face Oil

  6. Repeat the affirmations again before starting your day

There you have it -- the ultimate mindful morning routine to start your day. Go on, get your positive mindset on! We’d love to know which is your favorite. Feel free to shoot us an email to connect at any time.

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