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5 Shower Mistakes That Can Damage Your Skin

Who doesn’t love a nice, long, hot shower? No one, right? Did you know, however, that as soothing as these showers may feel, there are some effects of hot water on skin, as well as actions you’re taking while indulging, that are not-so-great? Today, we’ll explore (and help you avoid) 5 common hot shower mistakes that can damage your skin.

Shower Mistake 1: Using Excessively Hot Water

If you have red blotches on skin after shower, or your skin itches after shower, the culprit is likely high temperatures. While we all love a steaming shower situation, water that’s too hot can do some nasty things to your skin.

The most major one? The hot water can strip the skin of natural oils that help to lock in moisture. This leads to an irritated epidermis that can exacerbate eczema or dry skin.

So, do yourself a favor: turn the dial down and make your shower more lukewarm than scorching hot.

Shower Mistake 2: You’re Scrubbing Too Much

Okay, obviously we’re fans of exfoliating. After all, it’s a great way to keep skin soft and keep dead skin cells from accumulating (which can cause acne). However, if you’re using a harsh brush, like a loofah, it could be doing more harm than good.

These brushes have a tendency to bother your skin, especially when under the stress of hot temperatures, and can result in irritated skin after a shower.

The best thing to do instead? Opt for a softer solution (like a cotton washcloth) instead. Be sure to wash it regularly to avoid bacteria buildup.

Shower Mistake 3: You Don’t Apply A Lotion or Body Oil

As you can see, after a hot shower your body is pretty vulnerable. While you were singing and scrubbing, your skin was doing its best to protect you.

So, what can make things even worse? Not replenishing the lost moisture in your skin.

That’s where the use of a body lotion or body oil comes into play. They can help restore and renew the skin after the trauma of heat and friction.

For instance, our 08 Buriti Body Oil is a perfect solution for post-shower maintenance. It’s chock full of antioxidants and is an emollient which can help ease the skin back to silky, smoothness.

Want to learn more about our body oil? Read our blog post spotlighting it here.

Shower Mistake 4: Using Bar Soap (Or Scented Soaps)

If there’s one mistake that makes us cringe it’s using standard bar soap, or scented mainstream soaps, that use sulfates and parabens. Yikes!

These products are full of less-than-ideal ingredients that can disrupt hormones, cause breakouts, and yes, lead you to be very itchy after a shower.

The simple solution? Choose all-natural, organic solutions. There are plenty of earth-and-body-loving options out there for you to choose from that won’t leave your body in a state of shock.

Shower Mistake 5: Ignoring Scalp Treatment

We’re a skincare brand, so why would we care about this, you wonder? People forget the skin on their heads is still skin! Yes, we’re worried about our faces, but how often do you think about the way you’re treating your scalp? Probably not often enough. True, it’s a forgotten spot, but it shouldn’t be!

When the scalp is out of balance, we can have a laundry list of issues -- dandruff, redness, and hairline acne among them.

To make sure that’s not the case, be sure to pay attention to the treatment of your scalp. Don’t use your fingernails to wash your hair, use your fingertips instead.

This will help reduce the chance of irritation and flaking post-shower.

Now that you’re aware of all the don'ts when it comes to shower time, we hope that your next shower sesh is a success, full of glowing skin and clear scalps! Want to grab a skin care ritual post-shower? Check out our line of effective, natural products here.


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