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With mask wearing, the shift to home working, and subsequent lockdowns, the covid-19 pandemic has completely upended women's beauty concerns in the space of a few years. Skincare now is all about getting back to basics, while protecting the skin from the negative effects it may sustain on a daily basis.

Be it phones, computers, televisions, or tablets, since 2020, we've spent the majority of our time gazing at screens. Whether it's the work-from-home environment (or just the endless rabbit hole of FOMO) we scroll mindlessly, jumping from one app to the next.

However, increased screen time isn’t the greatest for your skin (or eyes).

The blue light from your phone and other tech devices has a direct effect on you. Today, let’s uncover ways to protect your skin from this pesky blue light once and for all. Curious? Read on!


Use A Water Based Moisturizer (Or Even Better, A Face Oil!)

You should be constantly moisturizing your face to keep it hydrated. Your skin will be more (and stay more) hydrated if you use a water-based moisturizer. Hyaluronic acid-rich skin care products are excellent for moisturizing your skin and fighting the symptoms of blue light exposure. Or, one of our two amazing, hydrating face oils! See both here.

SPF Is Beneficial (But You Knew That, Right?)

The blue light generated by the screens you use is just as damaging as the sun's UV rays. As a result, if you're going to be sitting or working in front of a screen for an extended amount of time, you should wear sunscreen with a broad-spectrum SPF. Remember to apply it to your face hourly.

Serum For The Eyes

Blue light not only disrupts our beauty sleep, but it also strains our eyes (shocker, we know). You should use an under-eye serum, like our 07 Reviving Eye Serum, to prevent wrinkles under your eyes. It will calm the sensitive skin around them and keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay. Woo!

Use A BB Cream

This one’s for our makeup lovers.

Products that include light-reflecting pigment, such as BB cream can function as a barrier for the skin against blue light in the same way physical sunscreens can. Consider it a skincare hack, really: radiant skin, plus partial blue light protection for the cost of a single product. We love it!

Invest In A Blue-Light-Blocking Screen Protector

The closer you are to a screen the more blue light harm you get. Thus, your television is usually a smaller evil than your phone or laptop. Screen shields that stop blue light from reaching you in the first place are ideal f

or daily screen use.

In short, the blue light generated by your electronic gadgets is harmful to your skin. Exposure to this light can harm it in a variety of ways, none of which we want to get behind. To lessen the impact follow a balanced lifestyle, use a good skincare routine, and, most importantly, limit your time spent on digital gadgets. You got this!


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