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Have Oily Skin? Read This To Learn The Pros and Cons!

Oily skin. It’s one of the more common skin types out there. If you have it, you may feel like there are no benefits to it, however, today we’re here to counter that belief. We’re going to run down the pros and cons of oily skin. After all, we all need a balance of good and bad, right?

If you’re constantly searching: “How to get rid of oily skin”, we want to stop you in your tracks. Having a less-than-lovable skin type doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to work with it (or ways to actually love it). All skin is beautiful and learning to manage it is the key to finding happiness.

So, before you try to find ‘the’ best cleanser for oily skin, let’s first go over the pros to kickstart the positive vibes all around.

The pros of oily skin:

We know, you’re probably wondering “How are there any pros? What is wrong with 10 Degrees Cooler?!” That’s okay. We don’t take offense to that.

Here are 3 key benefits to having an oily complexion:

More moisture: If you have an oily face, the first round of good news is that you are moisturized. While other skin types, like dry ones, are worried about not having enough moisture (and thus dealing with flaking) you never have to worry. You’re like a hydrated, glow queen all the time.

You’ll tan more easily: Summer solstice’s got nothing on you. While staying protected and lathering up with SPF is key to skin health, it’s worth noting that oilier skin types can tan more easily than others. The extra oil protects you from getting burned in, like, five seconds, and it helps distribute the tan more evenly. Be sure to find sunscreen for oily skin, since staying covered also means keeping your complexion in mind.

It protects against the elements. Hello, winter, spring, summer, and fall. No matter the time of the year, your oily complexion is in full force protection mode. The natural oils in your skin can act as a barrier against environmental pollutants in the air and can retain more moisture in colder temperatures.

Now for the cons of oily skin:

Let’s examine the cons of oily skin (and ways to transform them into pros):

It may clog pores: This is a pretty well-known downside. Having oily skin can result in clogged pores, which can, in turn, lead to unwanted pimples or acne episodes. While none of us loves a breakout, you can easily manage this “con” by grabbing a face wash for oily skin (looking at you, 02 Cleansing Balm -- Overnight Mask) and pairing it with a non-comedogenic face oil like the 03 Midnight In Corsica. With targeted help, clogged pores are a thing of the past. If you’re wondering “how is that possible?” Face oils help to balance out overactive oil production. This, in turn, helps to keep things in check.

Shinier reflection: Is this really a con? As we said, we see those with oilier complexions are stunning glow queens with a natural radiance. Yet, we do understand the frustration of feeling slick especially when the weather is hot. Our best advice to flip this con? Have an all-natural powder foundation applied to absorb that excess sebum!

More Upkeep: Unlike some skin types that require less frequent washing, your oily skin requires more to keep things clean and clear. Just be sure that you’re using a face wash for oily skin specifically or you could be stripping the natural oils away (spoiler: this does more harm than good!)

So there you have it... the top pros and cons of having an oilier complexion. We know that you care about your skin and we want you to love the skin you're in. If you’re curious about how to use all-natural skin products, oils included, into your routine, feel free to send us a message ( to learn more about the 10 Degrees Cooler product line. We can guide you to the right products to use to achieve glamorous results.


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