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Valentine's Day is here (cue the heart-shaped confetti, please!), and now is the ideal time to start planning for a healthy-skin glow. We’re so busy thinking of others around this time (not that we discourage that!) that we often forget to give ourselves attention and self-love. But Valentine’s Day offers a great chance to reconnect with your inner self and find solitude. One of the best ways to do that on Valentine's Day is to take care of your body with some spa-like treatments. Let’s go over those now!

Begin With A Skin And Body Detox Therapy

Your first personal-TLC-step toward ensuring a glowing complexion? Detoxing.

Using a dry brushing technique, you can brush away all the toxins from the body. This simple dry brushing method is easy as cake to do – It literally just takes one minute to complete.

Here’s the how:

Before you begin dry brushing, make sure your skin is completely dry. Natural bristles improve blood circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system, which helps with detoxification. And the only way to keep the brush dry is to keep your body dry! So no cheating by dipping into the bath too soon.

After you dry brush, apply a body oil to your skin. You are free to use any of your favourite essential oils to make a more personalized experience, too.

Finally, allow the oil to settle into your skin, and at last, slide into your relaxing bath.

Following these steps will allow the oil to lock in moisture and allow your skin to retain a glow.

Use A Body Scrub To Exfoliate.

Dead skin cells? As if! Not this Valentine’s Day.

Dead skin cells and oil build up over time, clogging pores and attracting skin issues like blackheads and breakouts. Oy!

To kick this to the curb and give your skin some tender loving, you should use a face scrub to remove dead skin, and help expose your natural radiance (it’s definitely the day for it!).

Just a friendly note: when exfoliating your face, be cautious of your skin type before using any random face scrub. Quality is key. For example, a face scrub with pesky granules or apricot (ahem) is not recommended for sensitive skin since it might cause rashes and irritation.

Make Your Own Face Mask

A little DIY action is right up the self love alley!

Making a face mask at home is a calming activity in itself. The benefits? Uncapped. Try out one of our antioxidant-rich face masks to start with. All they require is a bit of water, a quick mixing, and you’re good to apply to reap the benefits!

To give it a little DIY spin, try adding in a few skin-loving ingredients. Try adding in a teaspoon of honey to promote a smooth complexion, half a mashed avocado or a teaspoon of rich, greek yogurt to create a hydrated glow.

We promise it’ll be fun!

Apply A Cooling Sheet Mask

Ice Ice Baby.

The days of rubbing ice on your face to refresh your skin are long gone. Put a sheet mask on, and complement its use with your face roller. A little tip for success? Put the roller in the fridge for 30 minutes for a cooling effect.

After that, place the sheet mask on your face, and use the cooled face roller to massage the serum of the mask into your skin. Give it a go! It's like heaven on earth, no lie.

Make Sure That Water Doesn't Get Too Hot

It is definitely chilly outside. Valentine’s Day comes during one of the coldest months of the winter, so naturally we want to warm up.

Yet, however tempting it may be, don't make the mistake of showering, bathing, or washing your face with really hot water! That’s a no from us.

We all know that it's advisable to stay away from really hot water in order to prevent skin barrier damage. So, yes, please enjoy a calming, warm shower or bath just not at a wild temperature! The goal is for a glow, not a burn!

Discover A Meditation Practice That Suits You

At last, it’s time for a little internal self love.

We're all aware that meditation has several mental and physical advantages. To receive the benefits, you don't have to be in the presence of singing bowls, be sitting on a beautiful yoga mat, or even have an excellent degree of breath control. All you really need is yourself and a peaceful place! Like, you know, your bathtub.

Well, there you have it: the perfect ways to show yourself a little TLC this Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re solo or paired, it’s important to indulge in personal care. So, be sure to carve out some ‘me time’ this holiday and keep yourself feeling your beauty, both inside and out!


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