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Whether or not you believe in astrology, reading your (and your friends') horoscopes can be a fun little diversion from everyday life. However, for die-hard adherents, your sign offers more than a source of amusement: it lays out a basic roadmap for optimizing your potential, personal authenticity, and even astrological beauty advice (it’s true!). Reading your horoscope may provide you with more than just love and life advice — your skincare issues may also be written in the stars. Your zodiac sign not only influences your personality, but it may also influence your face characteristics and skin type. (Seriously, read on and see for yourself!)

Based on those characteristics, the ruling planets of each sign, and the elements connected to them, here are a few skin-related ideas to help you connect with your inner fire, air, water, or earth sign.


About the Sign: Aries is a fire sign with a strong sense of purpose and ambition. Aries People have various traits, but let us declare that patience is not one of them. As a result, their skincare routine must be quick, straightforward, and above all, efficient. In a nutshell, they're seeking items that will be loyal partners in their hectic everyday lives.

Beauty Tip: Wind fuels fire, so if you're trying to broaden your beauty palette, consider adding anything resembling an air sign. Add a dash of glitter and iridescent shimmer to your makeup, or give your hair a rosemary rinse (rosemary is said to promote your sign, and lively hair is definitely an air quality). Or, try out 10 Degrees Cooler’s 01 Luminous Face Oil -- A fiery yellow that is total #firesigngoals.


About The Sign: Taureans are level-headed and persistent, two qualities that are ideal for a real skincare junkie! A Taurean’s bathroom cabinet brims with items to meet her skin’s most basic needs. She knows exactly what things to use, when to use them, and most importantly, for what.

Beauty Tip: As a Taurean, you're classic and romantic, so experimenting with the current trends may not be your thing. Keeping a clear, bright complexion, on the other hand, is a must. After all, what's more traditional than a flawless canvas to begin your beauty routine? To get an additional shine, apply a saffron-infused moisturizing and cleansing oil before washing your face at night (Or take the done-for-you route and enjoy our 02 Cleansing Balm - Overnight Mask instead!)


About The Sign: Gemini is unquestionably the most adaptable, versatile, and inquisitive sign in the zodiac. This is why their approach to skincare is open and always on the lookout for new trends to try on their skin. A Gemini scours the beauty aisles seeking the newest items to try.

Beauty Tip: Be sure to add some radiance to your skin. Because Geminis are ever-changing, an otherworldly iridescent shine applied to our skin is ideal. Try an at-home hair mask and have your sweetie massage your scalp while it's being applied or after it's been washed off.


About the Sign: Cancer is controlled by the moon and is vulnerable to monthly cyclical changes. Cancers are caring, kind, and protective. Their skin changes throughout the month. They are also susceptible to environmental factors and may require additional protection from the sun and free radicals.

Beauty Tip: Wear a silver moon ring as a talisman. Beautiful silvers, grays, and greens should be painted on your nails (stick to the colours of the moon and the sea). Bathe in lavender and take your time to enjoy the relaxing, purifying effects of a good soak or detoxifying face mask, like our 05 Marine Algae Repairing Mask! You'll feel energized and more in tune with your own emotions.


About the Sign: The heart is ruled by the zodiac sign Leo. Leo's skin might get heated and red. Leo is concerned about their looks, and they want a skincare program that will assist them in maintaining an attractive youthful glow. The Sun is Leo's governing planet; therefore it requires plenty of Vitamin D. They like spending hours in front of the bathroom mirror, applying all of their skincare and cosmetics meticulously. Layering is the important term here. Skincare becomes a genuine routine for them, allowing them to shine and always be at the top.

Beauty Tip: Have you thought of strobing? Strobing is the inverse of contouring in that it adds highlights to the skin to produce a radiant, sun-kissed complexion – ideal for Leo royalty. Strobing is a low-effort method that gives you a bright appearance. The best way to make this technique even more prominent is using a priming oil that won’t pill, like our 03 Midnight In Corsica Face Oil (makeup artist’s favorite!)


About the Sign: Virgos are perfectionists who are dissatisfied with anything less than flawless. Such a careful and exacting nature is also reflected in the products they use in regular cosmetic regimens. In a product, they want the best quality and the most effective outcomes.

Beauty Tip: Whatever your own style is, dear Virgo, you want to stand out and look intentional. And what is the most effective approach to this? Maintain perfect brows. Great brow hygiene indicates that you're at the top of your game, in command, and completely capable of looking incredibly stylish at the same time.


About the Sign: Libra is the sign of balance and harmony. You believe in true beauty and nature's enormous power. Your beauty inspiration originates from Mother Nature, and you are constantly up to date on the newest green beauty trends. Your skincare regimen is straightforward, and you like vegan, clean, and organic products.

Beauty Tip: You want balance in your life, so you'll want it for your skin, too. That means using organic products that will help keep your skin in equilibrium. Try using a simplistic skin ritual that can detox, restore, and revitalize your skin all together.


About the Sign: Scorpio is a determined sign with an obsessive personality. The ideal skincare regimen for Scorpios stems from the marriage of these two personality traits. They understand how to care for their skin, and are well-versed in the active components required for a bright complexion.

Beauty Tip: Do you want to soften things up a little? Before night, use a lavender or geranium essential oil face wash to ground and relax. Or breathe in an herbal-scented nighttime face oil, like this one.


About the Sign: Sagittarius is recognized for their always-active lifestyle, as they have an adventuresome and freedom-loving spirit. As such, the ideal regimen for this zodiac sign is basic, light, and minimal.

Beauty Tip: Invest in a bundle of reusable wash clothes and a go-to cleansing balm (that lasts!) for all of your travels. Not only will it be effective and relaxing, preventing pimples on the road, but you’ll be environmentally conscious, too!


About the Sign: Capricorn is an earth sign that is ambitious and determined. Capricorns are no-frills people with a realistic outlook on life. Their skin may exhibit signs of stress when they are overworked. They have dry skin, especially during the winter months.

Beauty Tip: For eye makeup, experiment with a palette of olives, caramels, and charcoals. If these hues complement your ideal palette, they'll be a beautiful way to connect the richness of your personality to your natural beauty. Kick things up a notch, and use an Eye Serum to make sure those crow’s feet aren’t as prominent (even though you’re beautiful with them, hello smiling!) Try our 07 Reviving Eye Serum nightly.


About the Sign: Aquarius is a widely appealing zodiac sign, known for its gentle eyes, lovely hair, and enticing physical attributes. They have an open, friendly, and honest personality and are never bashful around others. Aquarius is a visionary and a pioneer.

Beauty Tip: Use a facial cleanser, exfoliating treatments, or even micro-dermabrasion to assist in getting blood flowing to the face. A vitamin-rich face oil can do just the trick, too!


About the Sign: A Pisces is typically blessed with gorgeous eyes, appealing features, and an intelligent personality. They are sensual, sensitive, and empathic, and have the ability to read others. This is a zodiac sign that stays true to itself at all times.

Beauty Tip: Because Pisces' skin can be delicate, applying sunscreen on a daily basis is vital, as are treatments that help combat free radical damage. A mild, well-balanced moisturizer will also help protect the skin from becoming too greasy. Preferably, the goods are always made from pure, natural oils.

Although astrology might have an influence on how attractive and radiant your skin is, you can always be proactive and achieve a beautiful, healthy complexion.

Want to start a zodiac approved skincare ritual today? Shop our simplistic ritual here.



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