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The Benefits of Using An Eye Serum + Why Ours Works Beautifully

When it comes to your skincare routine, there’s probably one area that you’ve been overlooking. Which is it, you wonder? The very windows of your soul! Yes… your eyes require special care and are often neglected. This is especially true for those of us who aren’t yet seeing signs of aging around our peepers. We think that we’re safe to do without that special care. Well, we’re here to let you know there’s no better time to start helping your eyes in the long run than today. Allow us, in this post, to convince you.

At What Age Should I Use An Eye Serum?

With all skincare products, the key to having ageless skin is this: the earlier the start, the better! Doing so helps you get more effective results in the long run (after all, prevention is easier and better than trying to play catch-up). You can (and we would argue should) add eye serums into your regimen as early as your 20s -- before wrinkles have a chance to appear.

How Often Should I Use An Eye Serum?

For best results, eye serums should be applied twice a day. In the morning, an eye serum can help to ready your skin for the day ahead by reducing puffiness, brightening your under eyes. And after a long day, using an eye serum before bed helps your skin with natural rejuvenation at night.

What Are The Benefits of Eye Serum?

Allow us to review the top 4 benefits of why eye serum should be added into your routine:

Helps Hide When You Pulled An All-Nighter

The only thing worse than the grogginess that comes from pulling an all nighter is the puffiness, bags and dark circles. These completely alter your appearance, highlighting your lack of rest. Trick the world into thinking you got a full night of beauty rest, with one simple fix: an eye serum. Using an eye serum helps to successfully tackle these problems, by brightening under eyes and reducing puffiness quickly. The lightweight formulas that eye serums have don’t sit heavily on the surface of the skin, which means they absorb easily and can boost hydration levels around the eye. Bonus for making eyes look fuller and more alert!

Helps Reduce the Onset of Aging

Next on the list is the fact that eye serums are like little magic droplets and can help to reduce the signs of aging. Eye serums are very gentle for your skin which is essential because the skin around the eyes is sensitive. Plus, serums are usually loaded with antioxidant-rich ingredients like plant-based oils and herbal infusions. This is why using a good eye product can help to restore the delicate skin around the eyes to a smoother and brighter state.

It’s A Step To Pamper Yourself

Eye serums are a good luck charm for “Future You” when added into your skin care regimen. They provide your skin with an extra dose of TLC (and it deserves nothing but the best). These serums are like the secret ingredient to a perfect skincare recipe, since they’re usually very soothing and cap off your routine.

Kiss Dark Circles Goodbye

Everyone dreams of having a youthful, healthy appearance; although, restless nights and stress-filled days are inevitable. These problems should never stop you from achieving fresh-looking peepers! Serums work to rejuvenate your skin and get rid of the number one thing we all hate: dark circles. Eye serums work to brighten those under eye dark circles (reducing the need for makeup to cover them up). Adding an eye serum will help, so you can go out confidently with a natural look.

Get To Know 10 Degrees Cooler's 07 Reviving Eye Serum

Our 07 Reviving Eye Serum helps to restore and, well, revive your eyes. Since the skin around your eyes is the most delicate skin on the body, using gentle products is key. This oil works to nourish and repair the skin. It has healing/hydrating elements that will alleviate the early onset of wrinkles, or help ease those that may have already appeared. Lastly, 07 Reviving Eye Serum supports cell turnover, boosting collagen production to help eliminate fine lines. So if you’re into quality products made from ethically-sourced, raw, vegan ingredients, and are never tested on animals, you may find this product as a great starting point for your journey toward brighter, healthier, younger looking eyes!


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