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4 Skincare Tools That Work Wonders On Your Complexion

Navigating the world of skincare developments is much like doing a simple search on Youtube and ending up down an hours-long rabbit hole of information overload; it’s extremely overwhelming, yet exciting. In the current skincare-meets-technology movement, the aforementioned statement has never held more true.

If you’re anything like us, you see articles popping up everyday with some new item that you must try. The thing is, some are expensive (with no proof of working) and some are flat-out too complicated (two things we don’t like). Today we decided to round up our personal favorite skincare tools in the hopes that you’ll avoid the rabbit hole and gain some clarity on the best ones to use!

Are you ready to add a +1 to your skincare ritual and maximize your chance at a glowing complexion? Awesome. Let’s dive into the tools that will do this.

Tool #1: Gua Sha

Unusual name, right? Well, the tool looks as foreign as its name, yet it doesn’t mess around. This tool stems from an ancient Chinese massage technique that when translated means “scraping”. In the practice, gua sha is the act of applying pressure to the skin while scraping a tool (usually made from horn or crystal) along the skin. The goal is to increase blood flow and help kickstart the immune system. The results via images? Slightly scary.

That said, while the skincare tool shares the name of the ancient practice, it is far less extreme. Made primarily from rose quartz or jade, this smooth stone tool can be applied to the skin with your favorite face oil (like our 03 Midnight In Corsica Face Oil).

Make sure to press into your skin for best results, and move from the innermost points of the face (your nose or eyebrows) to the outermost parts (ears or hairline).

This practice has been shown to help stimulate the immune system by increasing the amount of active immune cells present. Not a bad perk to keep your skin looking radiant, eh?

hand holding a green jade facial roller

Tool #2: Jade Facial Roller Tool

Next up on the list is the Jade Facial Roller. This one you’ve likely seen since it’s not a new development in the skincare world, but it is consistently being innovated to deliver even more benefits. With a prolate spheroid (that’s a thing) attached to a handle, it looks like a baker’s roller with an attachment.

While they’ve recently become the infatuation of many skincare lovers, this device and practice, like the gua sha, started in 7th century China. Even then it was used to help beautify complexions and stimulate circulation.

Today, the tool comes in a variety of offerings; green jade, onyx, rose quartz, and more. In one study of 20 participants, a handheld massage device like the jade roller was used in tandem with anti-aging products, and the results concluded it was an “efficient anti-aging strategy”.

When it comes to using one, you can either leave it in the refrigerator for a cooling sensation (perfect for depuffing) or you can use it at room temperature and just enjoy the gentle massaging effects.

Tool #3: Ice Roller Tool

Let’s get a little cooler, shall we? (About 10 Degrees Cooler than the last product, if you will). The Ice Roller is a funky-looking, larger tool that is meant to be frozen. While it’s been a popular addition to the routines of European and Chinese consumers for some time, it’s only recently starting to gain traction in the U.S. (and we’re thrilled with that).

This tool is filled with water and gel. The idea is to keep it in the freezer, so that the roller component, well, freezes. Once it does, you’re able to chill out and receive its benefits.

And oh what benefits they are! This unique tool is perfect to help with a complexion that has grown lackluster due to fatigue or any complexion that may be slightly puffy from eating one too many seaweed chips from the health food store.

Just roll and enjoy the benefits!

Tool #4: Kansa Wand

We saved the newest, and strangest for last. The Kansa Wand, the Ayurvedic equivalent to the Jade Roller mentioned above, is definitely one to keep in mind.

It has a domed shape, a wooden handle, and a head made from copper and tin. The goal of this tool is to keep your dosha balanced. For those unfamiliar with Ayurveda, doshas are essentially life energies unique to each person. It is thought when the doshas are a bit out-of-whack, if you will, you’re likely to suffer from ailments.

In using the tool, the hope is to help restore balance, and detoxify so that you don’t suffer from skin imbalances that can cause breakouts.

To use it, move in circular motions across the face, making sure to use a face oil for best results.

That about wraps this post up! One thing we want you to keep in mind with all of these tools is that using once a week is ideal. This will allow you to take in all of the benefits without any potential side effects.



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