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6 Under-The-Radar Skincare Oils You Need To Try

When it comes to oils used in skincare, front of mind are the likes of argan, coconut and jojoba oils, which are found in many fine products. For most of us who love high-quality, plant-based skincare, these raw materials (and their benefits) are well known; there are, however, far less common, yet equally (or even more) effective skincare oils we believe are “must-knows”. Today, we aim to showcase some of them and expand your beauty knowledge. The struggle against the ravages of environmental stressors and, well, time is real; you would do well to add these to your arsenal.

Baobab Oil

Our first under-the-radar material is baobab oil. This oil, sourced from the fruit of the strange and beautiful Baobab tree, is native to southern climes like Madagascar, continental Africa, and Australia, and can live for nearly 2,500 years. If exotic is your thing, baobab has you covered.

This oil is known for its high concentration of vitamin C. In fact, it puts the orange to shame, registering about 7 times more vitamin C than the beloved Floridian fruit. But the orange’s loss is your gain because Baobab’s vitamin boost is great for your skin! As you know, vitamin C is terrific for brightening your complexion.

Baobab oil is also prized for its naturally-occurring fatty acids. It has several different types, all of which have been shown to help moisturize and smooth your skin.

You can find this lovely oil in our 01 Luminous Face Oil. Check it out here.

Pomegranate Oil

The oil from this jewel of fruits has a multitude of skincare benefits hiding behind its leathery shell. Interestingly, this oil is actually made by cold-pressing the seeds of the fruit. These babies are chock full of antioxidants and skin-loving substances.

One of the best benefits of the red fruit is that it is high in polyphenols. These naturally occurring compounds work to fight off free radicals, preventing damage to the skin. You can think of them as a first line of defense against aging.

Pomegranate oil is also high in vitamin-rich nutrients which all work together to ensure your skin is hydrated, soft, and supple.

Marula Oil

While relatively new to us stateside, marula oil has long been used for its myriad charms in various African cultures. This beautiful skincare oil comes from the marula tree, also from Madagascar (spotting a trend here?). Whether derived from the seed or the fruit of the tree (valuable oil is found in both) one thing is certain, it’s a powerful raw ingredient to incorporate into your skincare ritual.

While marula’s rewards are extensive, the one ranking highest on our list is its natural emollient properties. This simply means that it moisturizes your skin and seals it to reduce moisture loss throughout the day. In short, this oil plays a big role in maintaining your coveted glow all day long.

Furthermore, the oil has been shown to play a part in keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay, thanks to its ability to inhibit enzymes that break down collagen (the most important protein for keeping skin supple). So, yeah, we’ll say it’s a pretty special oil to know and use.

Immortelle Oil

Immortelle, or helichrysum, is another rare skincare oil with which you absolutely need to get familiar. Harvested from the wild Mediterranean cliffs of Corsica, it takes a full ton of hand-picked beautiful, yellow flowers to make a single liter of oil.

This extremely high-end oil can cost up to $2,000/liter, but its many benefits match its staggering price tag. An incredibly healing oil, Immortelle is known for its ability to smooth fine lines on the face, restoring a youthful appearance, and reducing any dark spots or scars. Daily use of this liquid gold (found in our 03 Midnight In Corsica Face Oil, as well as our 07 Reviving Eye Serum) can do wonders for your complexion!

Papaya Oil

Yes, this oil is sourced from that oblong, bright orange, delicious fruit that we all know and love. Cold-pressing the seeds yields a luscious oil that, when used on your skin, results in a radiant, natural glow.

Full of antioxidants, papaya oil can help relieve early signs of aging and clear up your complexion. In particular, the antioxidant lycopene has been shown to fight off skin-damaging free radicals.

What’s more, it contains papain which is a known, natural exfoliator. It’ll work to remove dead skin cells and leave your complexion smooth and touchably soft. This is a great alternative to more harsh alternatives on the market!

Camellia Oil

The final unique, must-have ingredient on our list is luscious camellia oil. Rarely used in the west, this Asian favorite is sourced from the tsubaki flower native to Japan. A flower known for its beauty, this oil was used for centuries by Japanese geishas, legendary experts in personal care.

Rich in naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, this beautifying oil is also loaded with beneficial fatty acids. When included in a skincare ritual, camellia is a restorative, reviving oil that helps improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It’s also intrinsically light-weight and fast-absorbing, so it won’t leave you with a feeling of heaviness as some oils might.

There you have it… 6 under-the-radar skincare oils to add to your “must-try” list today! Whether you’re looking for help in brightening your skin (hello, baobab oil) or you want to infuse your routine with more natural antioxidants for a youthful glow, these oils are sure to help your #skincaregoals. Questions on our products that contain these lovely ingredients? Feel free to email us and ask!



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