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Our 05 Marine Algae Repairing Mask & Sushi Have This One Thing In Common...

Seaweed. At first glance it may seem like an unusual ingredient for a skincare product (it’s food, after all). It’s in delicious miso soup, comes in crunchy chip form, and is wrapped perfectly around always-craveable sushi. You might even be shocked to learn this delectable food item is actually a power-packed skin supporter that will help you continuously get your glow. In fact, using food grade ingredients is one of our specialties, and, while we don’t recommend you eat our products, we hope the fact that you could lets you know we’re giving you the best nature has to offer. As for the seaweed in our 05 Marine Algae Repairing Mask, we think you will love it even more if you know a little bit about why it’s great for your skin. Join us as we uncover 4 reasons it is a top-notch, must-have skincare powerhouse.

The first thing we should mention before we dive in is that seaweed is actually not new to the skincare world at all. While we’re just starting to see trends around it, it has been used in traditional treatments for thousands of years thanks to its nutrient-rich, beautifying ingredients. It shows what’s tried-and-true will always find a way back!

Seaweed Is A Natural Humectant

A what? (Permit us to explain.) Humectants in skincare draw moisture from the atmosphere and lock it into your skin. Trust us, it’s a good thing (a great thing, actually). Seaweed, as a natural humectant, leaves your skin beautifully hydrated, which is an essential factor in getting a glowing complexion.

Do you hear that? It’s just the bells of heaven ringing as you go forth and pick up our 05 Marine Algae Repairing Mask and embrace the ultimate dose of hydration.

It’s Inherently Cleansing

We were listening to a podcast recently about sea greens and their potential benefits for the human body. One of the points mentioned (and this blew us away) was that sushi is wrapped in seaweed in part because it's able to absorb toxins sometimes present in fish.

The same holds true for why we use seaweed in our skincare. Seaweed aids in skin cleansing by naturally pulling environmental toxins out of it. This property helps fight extrinsic aging (aging caused by external factors) helping to slow the appearance of wrinkles. Nature’s best for the cleansing win, no?

It Can Help Atopic Dermatitis Sufferers

Atopic dermatitis is an inflammatory skin condition that can occur at any age and affects about 17% of Americans. For those who suffer from it (and if this is you, read on, you’ll like what we say next) the condition is categorized by dry, itchy skin. It leads to excessive scratching and a general feeling of discomfort.

Luckily, though, there’s hope in our sea-dwelling green friend. Seaweed’s natural anti-inflammatory properties have been shown to help counter the rise of Atopic Dermatitis (AD). Using skincare products with algae ingredients can give positive results for ongoing symptoms from this annoying condition.

It’s An Incredible Source of Antioxidants

We imagine if you’re a fellow seaweed snack lover it will come as no surprise that this ingredient is full of amazing antioxidants that help nourish the skin when applied topically. In this case, what’s good on the inside is great on the outside!

Let’s look at a couple of the main antioxidants and their benefits for your skin:

Phenolic Compounds

These compounds are responsible for most of the naturally occurring antioxidant activity within seaweed. They are single-handedly responsible for the bioactivities that seaweed produces (from being anti-microbial to being anti-inflammatory). In plain English, they protect your skin (and other tissues) from oxidative stress (read: aging).

Amino Acid Content

Seaweed is a surprisingly great source of amino acids. What does this mean for you? Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and collagen, one of the skin’s most precious forms of protein, sees reduced production after 25. So, by treating your skin with a seaweed-infused product, you can help support healthier aging.

Knowing what you know now, how do you feel about seaweed in your skincare? Pretty pumped, we hope! While these are only the top 4 seaweed benefits of seaweed in skincare we happen to love, research continues to uncover new information about this beautifully-natural wonder ingredient. We can’t wait to see what science shows us in the future. In the meantime, grab yourself a hot cup of herbal tea, run a warm bath, light some candles, and put on a seaweed face mask to have a superfood selfcare moment.



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