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What The Skincare Community Is Saying About 10 Degrees Cooler

If there's one thing that makes us happy; it's seeing so many of you loving our products. Reading your reviews on our skincare products is always. the best part of our day. We've decided to round up our favorite skincare reviews so you can see what everyone is saying, too!

Reviewer Sampler

"This product was my first experience with @10degreescooler and so far I am very impressed with the brand. Their packaging is top quality and beautiful, their background story, and they include rare exciting ingredients in otherwise solid skincare formulas. It is something I could recommend to anyone looking for an affordable yet effective face oil."



"I use these oils at night and wake up feeling glowy and moisturized. The 01 Luminous Face Oil is a light moisturizing formula great for all skin types. The 03 Midnight In Corsica Face Oil is amazing for those with dry and aging skin."

La La Beauty Girl

"I have been using this oil along with the 03 Midnight in Corsica Face Oil for the past 3 weeks, and I am loving them!! I never knew that oils can be this hydrating and moisturizing for my skin, without the greasy effect. Woooooow! Also this past week I have been doubling my application process of the 01 Luminous Face Oil, which makes my skin literally glow like the sun!"


"One of my new favorite body oils is 08 Buriti Oil by 10 Degrees Cooler. I’ve been testing this body oil out for about a month now, and I’m so in love! It has a light, fresh scent and a gorgeous amber color. The oil has a luxurious feel to it and leaves my skin feeling instantly softened and moisturized."


"This oil is anti-aging and more hydrating, it’s my favorite option for when I need extra deep hydration.I like to use this oil at night as the last step of my routine to lock in moisture overnight. It feels more heavy than 01 Luminous Face Oil, and it has a beautiful blue color that comes from chamazulene that is an anti-inflammatory compound."


"I decided to use the 03 Midnight In Corsica Face Oil in my AM routine since I was using the 01 Luminous Face Oil before bed. I find this one so soothing and I love the natural, herbal scent that it has. It's very light and slick, gliding on and absorbing quickly into my skin, leaving it prepped and ready before I do my makeup. I never experienced any pilling with it, which is a definite bonus!”


"This is a light weight oil, and feels SO LUXURIOUS! It’s filled with soooo many amazing oils and antioxidants! Oh and did I mention it’s great for protecting your skin barrier too? Hello amazing added benefit! The jasmine in here really shines and creates such a luxe experience!”


"My sensitive eye area loves this golden serum (07 Reviving Eye Serum)."

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